Introducing the Accessible Robotics Project: Building Functional Robots On Your Own.

I’m excited to share a new initiative that’s close to my heart: the Accessible Robotics Project. This project is born out of a simple vision – to make robot-building accessible, functional, and achievable.

Why This Project Matters

In my journey through the world of robotics, detailed in my my blog post, I’ve discovered a gap in open-source projects. Many lack completion, functionality or sometimes just documentation, posing a barrier to enthusiasts and learners.

This continuous effort aims to break down these barriers and make solutions through bridging those gaps, offering a pathway to building your own robot with the least amount of complexity. Few noticeable gaps examples are open source software docker containers unavailability, all over the map component souring, and standardization.

This is an image of my first robot. first robot attempt

The Journey Ahead

This isn’t just about launching a project; it’s about creating a movement. A movement where anyone, regardless of their technical background, can participate in robotics.

“From a concept to a companion: empowering you to build robots at home.”