Projects as part of Udacity Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree.

Udacity Robotics Software Engineer nanodegree is a 1-year program with two terms covering topics including perception, localization, path planning, control, Computer Vision, machine, and deep learning techniques for robot perception and behavior. All this through the robotics operating system (ROS) with an introduction to robotic hardware systems. The program was in 2017

The following listing demonstrate the different projects at Udacity programs. The projects cover different fields of robotics and AI.

These are my implementation of the projects. The final report can be found in a pdf file in each of the following repositories.

  1. follow me

    Training a FCN (SegNet) and deploying it to a drone in Unity, to follow a specific person in a crowd .

  2. Home service/delivery robot

    Integrating different autonomy modules and using it to have the robot to predefined destinations in a map.

  3. Robot Search and sample return

    Programming the image processing of a camera feed to threshold ground from sky, accumulating images and transforming them to a map, which is showing drivable terrain.

  4. Robotic Arm pick and place using deep reinforcement learning

    training a convocational DQN agent in two-joint a robotic arm to touch an on-top of the table item.