Projects for how to build dynamic websites using PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS, server management.

This course offers an in-depth exploration of how to build dynamic websites with Ajax and the popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) framework. Students will learn how to set up domain names with DNS, structure pages with XHTML and CSS, program in JavaScript and PHP, and configure Apache and MySQL. The curriculum also covers designing and querying databases with SQL, using Ajax with both XML and JSON, and building mashups. Critical issues of security, scalability, and cross-browser support are addressed, along with insights into enterprise-level deployments of websites, including third-party hosting, virtualization, colocation in data centers, firewalling, and load-balancing. This comprehensive course prepares students for modern web development challenges and equips them with the tools to create responsive, secure, and scalable websites.

Courses Work:


Project 1: Pizza ML

Needed a dynamic, user-friendly website for seamless online pizza ordering.

Developed a dynamic website utilizing PHP, HTML, and CSS to dynamically parse an XML document menu, rendering the website pages based on the content. Implemented sessions to retain user orders even if the browser is closed, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience. Added functionality to reset the data upon order completion and send a confirmation email to the user.

Enhanced the customer’s online ordering experience with personalized features and seamless navigation.


Project 2: C$75 Finance

Required a secure and responsive platform for stock purchasing that offers live share value retrieval and detailed transaction history for users.

Developed C$75 Finance using PHP, JavaScript Ajax, and MySQL, incorporating a database for registered users, live share value retrieval from Yahoo Finance, and a detailed transaction history per user. The website was crafted with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring security against SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks. Responsiveness was a key feature, making the site mobile-friendly.

Created a user-friendly and secure platform that facilitates stock purchasing with real-time insights, contributing to an efficient and pleasant user experience.